Getting Started with FmxLinux

Thank you for downloading FmxLinux. This guide will help you get started with FmxLinux.


FmxLinux is a toolchain that permits the development Linux application using Embarcadero Linux compiler and FMX.

Conceptually, FmxLinux is a combination of two major components:


FmxLinux requires Embarcadero Delphi with Linux development add-on. It works with all Delphi versions since Tokyo.

Installing FmxLinux

Launch setup program and follow instructions. If setup completed without any error, FmxLinux installed. You can launch Delphi now.

Work with FmxLinux

Create or open FMX project and right click on Project in Project Inspector.

Click on Add Linux platform item

That's it. Now you can switch platform to Linux64 and run your app.


Bug reports and suggestions welcome at BitBucket