FireMonkey implementation for Linux

Start building UI Linux apps with Embarcadero Delphi and FmxLinux

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Using FmxLinux you focus only on your FMX application and FMXLinux makes it available on Linux.

Native Look & Feel

FmxLinux provides high-quality Ubuntu style as default Linux style.


Real cross-platform developement, focus on your app and FmxLinux makes it for Linux.

Work in RAD Studio

Code and debug your app in Delphi IDE. All RAD Studio features are available.


FmxLinux is a toolchain that permits the development Linux application using Embarcadero Linux compiler and FMX.

Conceptually, FmxLinux is a combination of two major components:

  • Runtime: Brand-new implementations of FireMonkey for Linux, tightly integrated with the native linux runtime.
  • Design Time Management: An IDE expert which allows to add Linux platform to FMX project and setup it with FmxLinux.

Unsupported Linux

FMXLinux doesn't work properly on some Linux distros. Here is known list:

  • AstroLinux Smolensk 1.6 because of non-standard version of GTK+ (Works fine on AstroLinux CE)
  • ElementatyOS because of issue with GTK+ app and Pantheon desktop

Here is a link to list of compatibility tests: ControlsDemo test on different Linux systems


FmxLinux requires Embarcadero Delphi with Linux development add-on. It works with all Delphi versions since Tokyo.